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Arthritis At Home Episode 21: Healthcare for Indigenous and underserved communities during COVID-19 with Dr. Cheryl Barnabe

The twenty-first episode of Arthritis At Home features Dr. Cheryl Barnabe, Senior Research Scientist of Arthritis Research Canada and Associate Professor in the Departments of Medicine and Community Health Sciences at the University of Calgary. Dr. Barnabe shares her insights on healthcare delivery to Indigenous and underserved communities, many of whom are at a higher risk of COVID-19 because of underlying medical conditions. She explains the challenges of physical distancing and mental health as well as how virtual care is being used in these communities. #FactsFriday

Dr. Barnabe is a Métis rheumatologist with a graduate degree in Clinical Epidemiology. She is one of Canada’s leading researchers focused on identifying and resolving health system care gaps for Indigenous patients. She is a Vice-Chair in the Department of Medicine (Indigenous Health), Chair of the Quality Care Committee for the Canadian Rheumatology Association, and a member of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada Indigenous Health Advisory Committee. 

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For further reading

Healthcare utilization for arthritis by Indigenous populations of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States: A systematic review:

Contact information for regional medical officers:

British Columbia: First Nations Health Authority

Alberta: Dr. Wadieh Yacoub, Indigenous Services Canada 

Saskatchewan: Dr. Ibrahim Khan, Indigenous Services Canada

Northern Inter Tribal Health Authority: Dr. Nnamdi Ndubuka

Manitoba: Dr. Michael Routledge, Indigenous Services Canada

Ontario: Dr. Maurica Maher, Indigenous Services Canada

Quebec: Richard Budgell, Indigenous Services Canada

Atlantic: Dr. Eilish Cleary, Indigenous Services Canada

If you live in the territories, please contact your regional health authorities in the territory where you are located.

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