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Arthritis At Home Episode 60 – ACE national survey results: COVID-19 impact on learning experience for families living with autoimmune arthritis

This week’s episode of Arthritis At Home features Kelly Lendvoy, ACE’s VP, Communications and Maya Joshi, ACE’s Programs Coordinator, in a conversation on the findings of the survey.

In the fall of 2020, ACE conducted a national survey to examine the student experience since the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced elementary and high schools and post-secondary schools to adopt new protocols and in some cases, close and move courses online. The survey asked students and parents living with autoimmune arthritis to reflect on their online and in-person school experience during the pandemic, the COVID-19 safety measures taken by the education institution, what support or resources were available, and the learning challenges they experienced.

In this episode, Maya and Kelly highlight key findings from the survey, which will help ACE improve advocacy efforts and support for people living with autoimmune arthritis and their households. By sharing the results of this survey, ACE hopes to increase awareness for the concerns and challenges that the arthritis patient community is facing while navigating the school year and making decision that impact quality of life, health, education and safety.

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