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Arthritis At Home Episode 82 – Disability forms and how the process work

In this episode of Arthritis At Home, we are sharing the #CRArthritis interview Arthritis Broadcast Network conducted with Dr. Elizabeth Hazel, rheumatologist and Associate Professor of Medicine at McGill University. Dr. Hazel speaks about her workshop on disability forms.

‘Disability forms’ refer to medical documentation needed for programs such as disability income assistance, subsidies, parking passes, and other programs patients may need to access. She explains what key factors rheumatologists consider when filling out disability forms for their patients, the challenges of documenting symptoms such as fatigue, and how patients can help facilitate the disability form process.

Dr. Hazel has been the Program Director of adult rheumatology at McGill for the pass 9 years. She is also the director of Young Adult Rheumatic Disease Clinic and is the rheumatology consultant to the Lethbridge-Leighton-MacKay rehabilitation centre.

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