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Arthritis At Home Episode 172 – Election advocacy in Alberta

Arthritis At Home Episode 172 – Election advocacy in Alberta

Election advocacy in Alberta with Cheryl Koehn and Kelly Lendvoy

Arthritis affects more than 650,000 Alberta residents. It is the leading cause of disability in Alberta and imposes a significant economic burden to the economy related to direct healthcare costs (e.g., doctor visits, medications and medical devices) and indirect costs (e.g., lost employment, sick leave, and absenteeism).

Health care delivery (46%) and cost of living issues (47%) are by far the two highest named issues by Alberta voters leading up to the May 29, 2023 provincial election. The most important voices in health care discussions belongs to those most affected by health policy—the person living with chronic disease who can provide patient perspectives. Arthritis Consumer Experts has sent an open letter and a survey to the major political parties and their candidates running in the Alberta election, asking them to share how their government can improve arthritis prevention, treatment, and care in Alberta.

Kelly Lendvoy, VP Communications and Public Affairs today speaks to ACE’s Founder and President, Cheryl Koehn, about the upcoming election and the important issues for Albertans living with arthritis.

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