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Arthritis At Home Episode 29: By, For, and with People with arthritis: Changing arthritis for 20 years

Arthritis Consumer Experts (ACE) is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2020. In this special two-part episode of Arthritis at Home, we speak to ACE’s Founder and President, Cheryl Koehn and find out how ACE started, its core mission to educate and advocate on behalf of six million Canadians living with arthritis. In Part 1, Cheryl describes the grassroots origins of ACE and how its education programming has evolved with a focus on ACE’s work on the arthritis patient care experience and satisfaction issues to help enable patients speak out about what is important to them.

Cheryl lives with rheumatoid arthritis and over her 30 years since diagnosis, has become a national patient community leader, educator, patient research partner and published author. In addition to her role with ACE, Cheryl has served as Co-Chair of the Summit on Standards for Arthritis Prevention and Care, was a volunteer member of the management committee of Canada’s first federally funded arthritis research institute (the Canadian Arthritis Network), was a consumer representative Board Member of the Arthritis Alliance of Canada and today, serves as the patient representative on the Canadian Institutes of Health Research Standing Committee on Ethics.

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