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Arthritis At Home Episode 22: Indoor Exercise Snacks (low intensity) (Part 3/4)

The twenty-second episode of Arthritis At Home features Dr. Jasmin Ma, Assistant Professor, UBC School of Kinesiology and practicing kinesiologist, on a series called “Indoor Exercise Snacks with Dr. Jasmin Ma”.

Dr. Ma will lead us through upbeat cardio and strengthening exercises, including bridges, dead bug exercise, shoulder rolls and arm raises. In an effort to meet the needs of a wide range of abilities, Dr. Ma provides movement and rest options – a choose your own exercise adventure!

Dr. Ma has a passion for helping people of all abilities get active. Dr. Ma is funded by the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research, the Arthritis Society, and Canadian Institutes of Health Research. Her research and experiences as a registered kinesiologist and certified inclusive fitness trainer focus on physical activity behavioural science and integrated knowledge translation, working with people with rheumatoid arthritis, spinal cord injury, and other chronic conditions/disabilities to start and stay active.

Important things to note before participating in this exercise session:
• Remember to always protect your joints before, during, and after physical activity or exercise.
• If you have any concerns or questions about whether you should participate in this or any Arthritis At Home episode, please consult with your health care team first. 

You may need the following for this exercise session
1) Comfortable clothing to exercise in
2) Exercise mat – If you don’t have one you can use a piece of carpet, cushions placed together, or a few towels layered on top of one another, but make sure they won’t slip around while you are performing the exercise movements.

We encourage you to actively participate in this exercise session!

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